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Thursday, April 24, 2008

pimp my ride

This image struck me as funny.

pimp my ride

pimp my ride

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I stopped on my way to my Japanese lesson tonight to pick up a red pen (for correcting all my MISTAKES).

And in the carpark, I happened to see THIS BEAST.

I've seen plenty of random vehicles in my time here (they favour customization... especially flashy lights)... but this was in another league entirely!!

When I came out the store they were pulling away and it was SO slow and juddery. I just hope they don't meet any speedbumps in it...

Yes, there are many many vehicles like this in Japan - especially in the new town where I'm living. There's a guy that's got a huge hello kitty sprayed on the side of his - but sadly I never seem to have my camera when I spot it.

Gotta love those Japanese.

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